Decorating and Improving your Apartment

Moving in to a new apartment is an exciting time as it marks the beginning of a chapter in your life. This usually comes with a new job, a new school, new friends, and so on. Make it a good one by creating a nice environment to live in. Turn the apartment into something that truly reflects your personality and helps you to do everyday chores more easily. This doesn't have to be anything too fancy since most places don't allow renters to make drastic changes to the premises anyway. A few subtle additions here and there will be enough to turn the place from drab to fab.

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Mind the Taps

For instance, you might want to check if the tap is functioning well and if you can improve anything in this area of the kitchen. You will be using this a lot of food preparation, after all. If the unit is an old one, then this will probably look dated with squeaky taps that drip and waste water. Consider replacing it with a brand new one from a good hardware store. If you have the budget for it, go for the good brands so that you can be sure about the quality and performance. franke taps are excellent as they are guaranteed to last for years. Guests will marvel at your kitchen and ask about them because of their modern design.

A Dash of Colour

One of the things that you should look into is the colour scheme around the apartment. The place will likely be white from wall to ceiling with barely anything else. This is not necessarily bad, especially if the paint is still in good condition. In fact, it offers a great base from which you could take off with your dcor ideas. Any additional colour will work with this neutral base. Consider adding reds to make a fiery statement or earth tones for a warm yet subdued accent. Greens are always pleasant to the eyes while blue has its own calming effect. Use these for the picture frames, the clock, the throw pillows, and so on.

Wrap Them Up

Inspect the cabinets and other storage areas around the house as well. Are they still in good condition? Do they need repair? Are they scratch or fading due to age? Consider wrapping them up in vinyl sheets which could have prints of fine wood and even convincing textures when touched. These are easy to install and make a massive difference in the kitchen's appearance. It will almost feel like you have a brand new kitchen in just a few minutes. A full cabinet renovation would likely cost thousands but this will not be too hard on the budget.

Turn On the Lights

You could also try adding LED strips to the inside of these drawers and cabinets to make it easier to see inside of them. Everyone has had plenty of experiences searching furious for items buried beneath piles in the kitchen. It is extremely hard because of the darkness. Turning on the ceiling lights will not help much and using a flashlight all the time would be cumbersome. If LED strips are already there, however, then everything just flows better. Turn them on and you will be able to spot what you're looking for in no time at all.

Install a Backsplash

Think of installing a backsplash for the sink. This protects the wall directly in front of it from moisture and stains. It can also serve as a focal point for the kitchen. Make it a decorative one with excellent design that fits the rest of the apartment. You can find several options on the market or get one custom-made for you.